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Pentagram Redesigns Christmas


WNYC’s Public International Radio show Studio 360 asked Pentagram to redesign Christmas, and Pentagram’s partners and designers, with their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks, took on the challenge of reinventing one of the world’s most pervasive brands.

Paula Scher created a new inclusive brand architecture for the holiday: a variable naming structure that permits any number of words and symbols to precede the universal suffix “mas” (from the early Anglo-Saxon word for “festival”). Lisa Strausfeld proposed that “mas” be turned into a top level domain designation (“.mas”). Michael Gericke recommended that an international body be created to administer the new expanded holiday. Jim Biber designed a new universal icon; Abbott Miller created variations on the Christmas tree; Luke Hayman made lovely and downloadable wrapping paper. And Michael Bierut pitched the whole thing to Studio 360 host Kurt Andersen.

Visit the Studio 360 site to hear the show, download wrapping paper, and mail an x.mas e-card. Or read all about it in the New York Times.

Special thanks to Don Bilodeau, Julia Hoffmann, Armin Vit and Michael Yi.