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New Work: 100% Design


Angus Hyland, with design assistant Fabian Herrmann, has designed the identity and brand structure for 100% Design, Reed Exhibitions’ international series of shows for the professional architecture and design audience. Hyland also produced the print and campaign for one of the component shows, 100% Design London, the UK’s largest trade show of its kind. Held between 20 and 23 September, 100% Design London filled the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre with a showcase of the best contemporary design based around five component shows: 100% Design, 100% Detail, 100% Light, 100% Futures and 100% Materials.


100% Design is an international brand based around a number of unique exhibitions in different locations. Each exhibition is composed of a number of component shows, each specialising in a different subject matter. Hyland developed a brand structure for the show that turns “100% Design” into the master brand, with individual exhibitions and their component shows forming a hierarchy below.


The identity is based around a set of re-drawn, customised logotypes. Individual show titles are rendered in lower case to break up the bar-shape of previous logos and highlight the consistency of the “100%” device in the logo system. The typographic solution was chosen to maintain the strength of the brand over a wide range of elements and has the flexibility to allow the brand equity to be carried into new territories and show formats in the future.