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New Work: Columbia Business School


Columbia Business School has launched its new homepage and blog designed by Lisa Strausfeld and her team, Takaaki Okada, Christian Marc Schmidt and Kate Wolf. Part of a larger redesign, the initial phase of the launch features a continually updated blog that parallels the school’s emphasis on innovation and the practice of business in a rapidly changing world. The site’s visual design with its bold use of black, closely cropped photography and clean page layouts takes its cues from the collateral material Michael Bierut recently designed for the school, a project that also included the redesign of the mark.

One of the main goals for the site was to facilitate a dialog between the various members of the CBS community—current students, alumni and prospective students—while also creating a specific destination for each audience. Strausfeld’s team accomplished this by surfacing the site’s content through an extensive tagging structure that dispenses with traditional hierarchical structures and instead, slices the site by relevant topic thereby flattening the content and making it more accessible.

For the new identity, designed by Bierut and Armin Vit, the school’s traditional symbol—the mark of Hermes, the Greek god of commerce, among other things—has been redrawn to make it simpler, easier to reproduce and more precise. The geometric angles within the new mark are echoed in the school’s advertising by Gardner Nelson + Partners and on other promotional material.