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Pentagram 2009 Typographic Calendar Now Available


For the 2009 edition of the Classic Typographic Calendar, Kit Hinrichs asked Pentagram’s twelve graphic design partners to each nominate a favorite typeface, one for each month. Their reasons are practical, opinionated and sometime passionate. Here’s a sneak preview:

Harry Pearce on his choice for the month of March, Enigma:
“I have only used Enigma once and at a very small size. I tend to be very faithful to a relatively limited number of fonts — Akzidenz Grotesk, Gothic 13 and Franklin Gothic. Occasionally I’ll stray, but it has to be something special that draws me away. Enigma hovers between sans and serif. Described that way, it sounds impossibly ugly, yet visually, Enigma is beautiful.”

Michael Bierut on Avenir for September:
“I’ve looked all my life for the perfect sans serif and at one point I thought I found it in Avenir. Plain and forthright, sober yet vaguely cheerful, it strikes the perfect balance between neutrality and distinctiveness. As often happens, infatuation led to overindulgence, and I swore off it for years. Now, in the sober light of day, it’s looking good to me again.”

The calendar is available in two sizes, a supersize 33-by-23 inch version suitable for wall hanging and a smaller 18-by-12 inch version appropriate for desk use. Both versions are available at museum shops across the US and at Ken Knight. The price of the supersize calendar is $38 and the smaller desk/wall calendar is $24. Please note that prices do not include shipping and currently Ken Knight will only ship to the lower 48 states. (Sarah Palin, you’re out of luck.)

Click here to order your 18-by-12 inch desk/wall calendar and here for your 33-by-23 inch supersized calendar.