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Announcing Biber Architects


Congratulations to James Biber FAIA, who after 19 years as a partner at Pentagram opened Biber Architects on the auspicious date of 10/10/10.

Trained as an architect at Cornell, Biber has done design work unconfined by traditional disciplines since 1984, when he partnered with a graphic designer and an illustrator in his first Soho architectural office. Over his two decades at Pentagram, his work extended to include collaborations with the firm’s other architects, graphic designers, product designers and new media designers. Biber Architects will take the evolution of his practice to the next level. Being an innovator in the multidisciplinary design world gives James a perspective that few can exercise in the creation of a new design paradigm.

“Over the last 20 years, design has gone through a series of revolutions: the personal computer, parametric design, Internet ubiquity, rapid prototyping, instant and real-time communications, and the further separation of design and production,” Biber says. “The design world has changed. Biber Architects gives me a broad and exciting new canvas, a new space and a fresh approach to architectural work that can respond to a discipline experiencing enormous changes.”

“At Pentagram, James has been the ultimate collaborative thinker,” says Michael Bierut, who joined the firm a year before Biber. “There is not a partner here who hasn’t benefited from his talent, and his mark can be seen across the firm’s portfolio.” Biber will continue to consult with Pentagram on new and ongoing projects, allowing him, and his firm, a continued connection to the designers he has partnered with for nearly two decades.

In addition to its portfolio of museums, residences, stores, restaurants, schools, and exhibitions, Biber Architects is currently developing product innovations for the domestic/green market, as well as books on urban issues and architectural work. Biber Architects will expand its range of work to include property development, design education and consultation.