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Making the Case for Loyola Law School


Loyola Law School, with its vintage Frank Gehry-designed campus in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, and its focus on social justice and ethics, is unlike any other law school. So when Pentagram’s DJ Stout and his team in the Austin office were given the challenge to design a new admissions brochure for LLS they took the opportunity to create a unique kind of viewbook for the university.

“When we first met with Dean Victor Gold, dean of the law school, he quickly, and very convincingly, ticked off the top ten reasons why Loyola Law School is a great choice for a potential law student,” says Stout. “So in a sense he was making the case for Loyola the way that a seasoned lawyer would do it. He sold me on the place right away and that gave me the idea for the new viewbook right then and there.”


Stout made the case to the LLS admissions team that in order to stand out in a competitive field—and more importantly, to be more effective in a crowded college night auditorium—the viewbook needed to go against the current trend of fewer pages and less content. Instead of the 12 pages of glossy, unrealistic photos and minimal text that LLS had published previously, Stout proposed an 80 page perfect-bound book, printed on uncoated paper, that is chock-full of content.

“I’ve always said that ‘Content is King’ when it comes to creating effective publication work”, says Stout. “We made the book a smaller size and increased the page count significantly, but most of the content in the book is communicated through realistic, believable imagery coupled with short informative captions. There is not that much actual text in the new viewbook design, but a lot of pertinent information about the law school is effectively conveyed to the reader visually during a casual flip through the new publication.”


The cover lines of the new viewbook state “The Case for Loyola, Ten Reasons to Choose Loyola Law School, Los Angeles,” and the ten reasons are spelled out on the cover: 1. Sense of Community, 2. Breadth and Depth, 3. Experienced and Accessible Faculty, 4. Invested Alumni, 5. Learning Outside the Classroom, 6. Dynamic Location, 7. Commitment to Diversity, 8. More than One Path, 9. Focus on Social Justice and 10. Hit the Ground Running. The book’s ten chapters are organized around those ten core reasons. Each chapter makes the case for Loyola Law School in a quick and convincing manner—just like Dean Gold.

Loyola Law School Los Angeles is part of Loyola Marymount University. Stout recently redesigned the university magazine.