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Gallery: Advanced Nutrients Brand Mascots

We’re all familiar with household names like the Pillsbury Doughboy, the Jolly Green Giant and Elsie the Cow. What would mascots for a more, ahem, underground product like hydroponic growth enhancers look like? For the packaging of the various product lines from Advanced Nutrients, featured this week on our blog, Pentagram’s DJ Stout collaborated with illustrator Marc Burckhardt to create iconic brand mascots reminiscent of the greats. “I’ve always admired old-school grocery store packaging featuring fictitious characters on their labels,” says Stout. He and Burckhardt have created a friendly coterie that includes the mohawked Big Bud, a sultry redheaded Cannabis plant named Kushie, the hungry Sweet Tooth, and a sophisticated, cigar-chomping bulldog named Thirstin’ Howl III. Expect to find them in pungent basements and garages across America.

Project Team: DJ Stout, partner-in-charge and designer; Julie Savasky, designer. Illustrations by Marc Burckhardt.