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Pentagram Papers 42 Debuts at Texas Hoedown

Pentagram Papers 42 features a specific and original brand of poetry written by cowboys,
with the poets photographed by Jay B Sauceda.

On Thursday, October 11, the Austin office celebrated Pentagram’s 40th anniversary and the publication of our newest Pentagram Paper, Cowboy Poetry, in typically grand Texas fashion. Over 300 guests, dressed in “cowboy cocktail” attire, gathered under a big-as-Texas tent erected in a parking lot adjacent to the Pentagram office, where they were entertained by traditional western songs and cowboy poetry readings, and two-stepped to the rockabilly stylings of Lucas Hudgins and the First Cousins. Texas-style food and libations were provided by some of Pentagram Austin’s favorite local clients including Maudie’s Tex-Mex, Salt Lick Barbecue, Lucy’s Fried Chicken, Uchi, The Pink Pig, Richard’s Rainwater and Republic Tequila.

Copies of Pentagram Papers 42: Cowboy Poetry were given away to partygoers in exchange for donations to benefit a West Texas Wildfire Relief Fund. The publication features portraits of cowboy poets and their poems. Austin partner DJ Stout, who designed the book with designer Stu Taylor, writes this in the introduction:

“Since the late 19th century cowboys have written odes to the land in tall tales, songs, and even their own particular brand of cowboy poetry. At first, the words ‘cowboy’ and ‘poetry’ seem like odd bunkmates, but the combination of heartfelt sentiment and down-home vernacular, full of hokum and at times wincingly corny, can be remarkably moving and meaningful—especially in its spoken form. It is the craft of a culture that has passed its heritage from generation to generation through folksy storytelling and exaggerated yarns. It is the folk art of a vanishing breed. This book features some of the region’s more colorful cowboy poets, photographed by Jay B Sauceda, and their tributes to the wounded land they love.”

The matte black cover of this edition of Pentagram Papers is embossed with a
western-style pattern usually found on leather saddles and cowboy boots.

Several of the cowboy poets featured in Pentagram Papers 42 came to the anniversary gathering including Noel Lovellette, Ol’ Jim Cathey, Tom Nall, Blue Nall, Dave Roland and Don Cadden and a handful of the western bards got up on stage and recited their works in front of the crowd. It was a special evening and Pentagram is grateful to the cowboy poets who attended and performed. Austin-based photographer George Brainard was on hand to document the event, and several of his party pictures of the cowboys and other party guests follow. More can be seen on his site.

Project Team, Pentagram Papers 42: Cowboy Poetry: DJ Stout, partner-in-charge and designer; Stu Taylor, designer; Jay B Sauceda, photographer. Party photographs by George Brainard.