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New Work: Swarovski Christmas Campaign

It is tough to find a present that your loved one will adore, but a beautiful piece of jewelry is almost certain to get you in their good books. That was the idea behind the new Christmas campaign for Swarovski Crystalized by Naresh Ramchandani and Domenic Lippa.

The playful campaign helps steer hapless Christmas shoppers away from dreary present ideas like scented candles and book tokens towards better present ideas like spectacular necklaces and crystal headphone covers.

The campaign is styled in a minimal way to make the product the hero with coloured type and italics used to achieve stand out.

Domenic Lippa says, “We’ve all had disasters when it comes to present buying – hopefully this campaign will save shoppers from getting it wrong this Christmas”.

Naresh Ramchandani says “Bad presents can be the death knell of relationships in difficulty. We hope this campaign not only sells Swarovski’s beautiful jewelry but saves a bunch of marriages as well”.

The campaign is currently running on posters and escalator panels in London tube stations.

Project team: Naresh Ramchandani, writer and partner; Domenic Lippa, designer and partner; Tom Edmonds, writer; Jeremy Kunze, designer; Anna Blom, producer; Kate Heller and Zoe Quirk, project managers.