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New Work: Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg Posters

Pentagram’s Justus Oehler and his team in Berlin have designed a new series of typographic posters for the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, or OPL, the national orchestra of Luxembourg. The posters accompany the brand identity Oehler created for the orchestra last year.

Each poster is for a single concert, and the OPL presents up to 40 performances a year. The all-type posters create a fresh, distinctive look that promotes the OPL brand while also being flexible, inexpensive and easily produced. In the posters, lines of type emanate like waves of sound, in curves echoing the OPL identity. The colors are taken from the mark, which consists of four overlapping translucent color rings. The font is Walbaum.

Oehler also previously designed the identity for the Philharmonie Luxembourg, the concert hall where the OPL is based.

Project Team: Justus Oehler, partner-in-charge and designer.