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New Work: Tess Giberson

Since 2010, Pentagram partner Natasha Jen has been working with fashion designer Tess Giberson to create a seasonal thematic image that’s part of an ongoing branding program.

In Giberson’s fall/winter 2013 collection, “Evolution,” garments follow a gradual development from simple to more complex forms. At the collection’s core is a quilt handmade by Giberson’s mother in the early ‘70s. “Evolution” refers not only to form but also to Giberson’s personal evolution as a designer.

For the collection’s presentation at New York Fashion Week, Jen worked collaboratively with Giberson to create a unique invite in the form of an unfolding poster. The poster reveals pieces of the original quilt visible through cut-outs in one of Giberson’s current drawings. The letters of the collection name interact with these elements, moving forward and receding in their own evolution.

Jen’s invite has been receiving accolades in the fashion world, featured on blogs such as The Fashion Informer and Refinery 29.

The invite is the latest in the ongoing series Jen has created for Giberson. Each invite/poster features title typography interacting with an image or texture inspired by the season’s collection.

Project Team, “Evolution” Invite: Natasha Jen, partner-in-charge and designer; Jeffrey Waldman, designer.