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Evict Them In 5 Easy Steps

You can deny words, but you can’t deny film. That is the the belief which lies at the very core of WITNESS, the nonprofit human rights organisation that Harry Pearce has designed for and advised for the last 20 years.

For a new major campaign, WITNESS has joined forces with Amnesty International to highlight and prevent the ever-growing problem of forced eviction: the millions of people who are being illegally forced from their homes by corporations and governments around the world.

Harry Pearce and Naresh Ramchandani were asked to create a short film to raise awareness of these inhumane violations. To highlight how ridiculously easy it seems to be for corporations and governments to evict people, they created a mischievous video guide for corporations and governments, instructing them how to forcibly evict in five easy steps.

“We wanted to make Forced Eviction seem as easy as replacing a cartridge on a printer, ” said Ramchandani. “To draw attention to the astonishing callousness involved, we juxtaposed simplicity, in the formal playful animation and jaunty voiceover, with brutality, in the form of a growing sense of moral unease and actual footage of real evictions.”

“Our brief was to introduce the issue in a way that engaged the audience in order to shock. Everyone who watches the video is charmed at the beginning and appalled at the end. I think we delivered on the brief.”

Project team:

Written by Naresh Ramchandani and Tom Edmonds
Titles by Harry Pearce and Sean Chilvers
Produced by Zoë Quirk
Animation by Tom Baker
Music by Graeme Miller
Voiceover by Daniel Lapaine
Sound design by Iain Grant and WAM London