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Designs of the Year Now Open

Now in its seventh year, the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year exhibition features the most innovative, inventive design spanning several disciplines, including architecture, digital, graphic and fashion. Marina Willer’s identity for the Serpentine Galleries was shortlisted earlier this year and can now be seen at the museum.

Abbott Miller Exhibition on View at University of Monterrey, Mexico


The work of Pentagram’s Abbott Miller is the focus of an exhibition currently on view at the Centro Roberto Garza Sada (CRGS), the new art and design center at the Universidad de Monterrey in Mexico. Miller recently created the program of environmental graphics and signage for CRGS, which was designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning architect Tadao Ando and is known as the “Gate of Creation.” The show coincides with the school’s annual UDESIGN Conference, where Miller was the keynote speaker and led a special workshop for designers. The exhibition remains on view through April, and looks ahead to Miller’s upcoming book, Design and Content, to be released in May.

New Work: Stairwell B at the Museum of the City of New York

Stairwell Graphics and Signage Installation, Museum of the City of New York

As much as New York is a city of walkers, it’s also a city of climbers. Living in an almost completely manmade landscape of buildings, towers and subways, New Yorkers probably spend more time on stairs than the inhabitants of any other American city. Pentagram’s Michael Bierut and team have created a new graphic installation for a stairwell at the Museum of the City of New York that pays tribute to the city, its people and their many ups and downs.

The graphics are part of the signage program we’ve developed for the ongoing renovation of the museum by Ennead Architects. The new installation transforms Stairwell B, a secondary staircase at the back of the museum, into a destination on par with the historic curving stairs that are the centerpiece of the museum lobby. Conceived as an interior tower of words and pictures, nearly every inch of wall space in Stairwell B has been filled with historic quotations about and photographs of New York.

New Work: Forgotten Jewish Architects

In 1933, two years after Hitler came to power, Jewish citizens were persecuted and victimised across Germany. All Jewish citizens were forced to stop trading, and amongst them were 500 architects. Some managed to flee, others were deported and killed in concentration camps. Many architects who were once well-known are now forgotten and their works have been altered or destroyed.

New Work: Archtober 2013

Graphics for the third edition of Archtober feature a triangle.

It may be October in the rest of the world, but in New York it’s the month of Archtober, the annual festival of architecture and design. For the third year running, Pentagram’s Luke Hayman and team have designed the graphics for the event, building on the yellow rectangle of the Archtober identity they developed for the inaugural edition in 2011. For the third festival, this simple graphic frame has been joined by the three-sided shape of a triangle.

AGI Congress Special Project

For this year the AGI Congress‘ special project focused on the quintessentially British past time of drinking tea, an appropriate brief given the theme of the Congress was dialogue. Much like the annual meeting of the AGI Congress, drinking tea is eagerly anticipated, a communal gathering for friends to share ideas and inspirations.

The V&A Goes Circular

08_V&A 040

Designing the award-winning Circular magazine has been Domenic Lippa’s ‘labour of love’ since 1999, combining his interests in typography and editorial design. Each issue is designed from scratch and is totally unique.

Circular magazine is a publication of the Typographic Circle, a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. It was formed in 1976 to bring together anyone with an interest in type and typography and has since attracted some of the most highly acclaimed names in graphic design including Vince Frost, Stefan Sagmeister, Alan Fletcher, North, Tom Hingston and Spin.

New Work: Last Folio Kosice

Since 2006, Last Folio, the exhibition of photographs by Yuri Dojc, designed by Daniel Weil has been on display at Cambridge University, The New York Museum of Jewish Heritage, the Grunwald Gallery of Art in Indiana, European Commission in Brussels and the Pierre Berge Foundation.

Yuri Dojc’s photographs capture the remnants the once vibrant jewish lives in pre-war Slovakia – ruined synagogues, burned books, decaying graveyards.

New Work: ‘FitNation’

Center for Architecture_FIT_012

Architecture and urban design have become important tools in the fight against obesity and related chronic diseases. Practical changes to the design of buildings, towns and cities—locating stairs for visibility, creating networks of well-marked bike lines, designing streetscapes that are inviting for pedestrians—can help encourage physical activity and make the built environment more conducive to healthier lifestyles. Pentagram’s Luke Hayman and team have been involved in several projects related to these initiatives, including the design of the Active Design Guidelines, issued by the New York City Department of Design and Construction in 2010, and the creation of the graphic identity for the Center for Active Design, a new non-profit organization announced yesterday by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. The Mayor has signed an Executive Order requiring all City agencies to use active design strategies when performing all new construction and major renovation projects.

These strategies are currently highlighted in FitNation, an exhibition at the Center for Architecture in New York. Hayman and team have created the graphics for the exhibition, extending their design for the Active Design Guidelines and the recent FitCity conferences into playful supergraphics that illustrate the different ways environments can help people stay physically fit. The exhibition was designed in collaboration with Abruzzo Bodziak Architects and is scheduled to travel following its run at the Center.