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New Work: Kikori Whiskey


Pentagram Austin partner DJ Stout and lead designer Barrett Fry have designed the identity, packaging and print collateral for a new Japanese whiskey called Kikori. The name Kikori, which was developed by the Pentagram team, means “woodsman” in Japanese and was inspired by the lush forests that surround the distillery in Kumamoto on the island of Kyushu in southern Japan, where the whiskey is made.

In addition to a spare, all-caps word mark, Stout and Fry created a traditional Japanese symbol for Kikori featuring an image of a woodsman with an axe slung over his shoulder and carrying a lantern. The mark references Visu the woodsman, the stubborn protagonist in a cautionary Japanese folk tale about life without balance. Working day and night, Visu forsakes his family and friends. When advised to seek his spirit, he abandons his work and drifts even further from his family. Eventually he loses everything.

SAM Labs: Democratising The Internet of Things

Marina Willer and team’s identity for SAM Labs

SAM Labs is an innovative start-up that first came to public attention through a startlingly successful Kickstarter. Founded by Joachim Horn, SAM is the world’s most user-friendly kit for the Internet of Things – a way of connecting objects without the need for human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. SAM does this through a group of electronic puzzle pieces that connect to an intuitive digital interface, creating a Lego-like building set for the Internet of Things.

SAM introduces a playful new entry point to the world of coding, helping anyone create products, apps and experiences in seconds. It empowers creatives, students and designers alike to invent – building vacuuming robots, personalised doorbells, responsive shoes, smart pillows, shirts with cooling fans and much more.

At the heart of SAM’s mission is a desire to humanise technology. To communicate this at all levels, from product to collateral to language, SAM enlisted the help of Daniel Weil and Marina Willer to develop a product strategy as well as a visual identity and tone of voice.

New Work: Café Royal


Café Royal is an iconic London venue that has been a meeting and eating place for the avante garde for over a century. This year, it has reopened its doors as a luxury five-star hotel and private members club.

John Rushworth has developed the identity and collateral for the reimagined Café Royal, which takes into account its distinct history, as well as its contemporary renovation by architect, David Chipperfield.

New Work: London Bossa


Marina Willer and her team have created the identity for a new DVD and album by London Bossa, a Collective lead by the talented Brazilian jazz artist Mônica Vasconscelos.

The design is inspired by Brazilian modernism and infused with the spirit of Bossa Nova, a genre which was born out of Rio de Janeiro’s South Zone in the late 1950s. The identity is formed around a geometric structure coloured by handmade textures that express the contrast of jazz, Bossa Nova and Monica’s irresistible rhythms.