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Equilateral: An Audiovisual Essay in Triangles

Founded in 1962 on humanitarian principles, Al-Dabbagh is a family-run organisation with a unique philosophy that balances earning with philanthropy to deliver impact and scale for the greater good. Having set targets for 2020, Al-Dabbagh asked Naresh Ramchandani and Domenic Lippa to create a film to communicate its unique ecosystem and ambitions.

Evict Them In 5 Easy Steps

You can deny words, but you can’t deny film. That is the the belief which lies at the very core of WITNESS, the nonprofit human rights organisation that Harry Pearce has designed for and advised for the last 20 years.

For a new major campaign, WITNESS has joined forces with Amnesty International to highlight and prevent the ever-growing problem of forced eviction: the millions of people who are being illegally forced from their homes by corporations and governments around the world.

244 Years Young

At the start of the year, Harry Pearce revealed a new identity for Royal Academy of Arts, the institution led by eminent artists and architects. In this short video, Pearce speaks about how he reached his design solution, creating a new identity that would launch the RA into its next era whilst honouring its 244 years of heritage. The RA is currently showing the Richard Rogers Inside Out exhibition featuring a film made by Pentagram’s Marina Willer that celebrates his career.

This video is part of the series Designed by Pentagram. Watch ‘10 Years With Lee’ and ‘Let’s Fill This Town’. 

New Work: Richard Rogers Royal Academy Exhibition

Opening today, Inside Out is an exhibition at the Royal Academy that celebrates Richard Rogers, one of the world’s most influential and admired architects. To promote the exhibition, Pentagram’s Marina Willer was asked to create an introductory film and Harry Pearce and his team created its visual campaign.

New Work: ‘Massimo Vignelli Makes Books’

“The grid is an integral part of book design,” says the incomparable Massimo Vignelli. “It’s not something that you see. It’s just like underwear: you wear it, but it’s not to be exposed. The grid is the underwear of the book.”

Vignelli’s approach to book design is the subject of a new video created by Pentagram’s Michael Bierut and Aron Fay for “What Will You Make Today?” campaign from Mohawk. In the video, Vignelli discusses his use of the grid as the basis for the layout of a book’s pages, using one of his classic book designs for the architect Richard Meier as an example. Working with an audio interview edited by Hilary Frank, Bierut and Fay animated Vignelli’s sketches for the clip, taking them from skeletal grid to finished publication.

Bierut knew Vignelli’s painstaking step-by-step process well. “Because I worked with Massimo for ten years before joining Pentagram, I was very familiar with his unique way of designing books. He sits with all the ingredients—text and images—and draws each page with a pencil, including every photograph, using a grid as a layout guide,” he says.

The video is accompanied by a small limited edition journal that reproduces Vignelli’s grid from the film. The journal is available from Mohawk’s website, while supplies last.