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A Smaller Symbol

Symbol 0008_1500px

A miniature edition of Symbol is due to be published in August. Authored by Pentagram partner Angus Hyland, with Steven Bateman, it condenses the appeal of the original 2011 book into a new, smaller format.

“The idea behind the book is to explore the visual language of symbols according to their most basic element: form,” Hyland writes. “We have brought together symbols conceived all over the world, in different times and for different purposes, and categorized them by visual types.”

The book lays these symbols out in a manner divested of all agendas, meanings, and messages that might be given by their customary contexts, isolating them so that the reader can enjoy them as a pictorial language in their own right.

From the Archive: ‘Under the Skin’

This week sees the release of the critically acclaimed sci-fi horror-film Under the Skin, directed by Jonathan Glazer and starring Scarlett Johansson as an extra-terrestrial cruising the streets of Glasgow. The film is based on the Michel Faber novel published in 2000 by Canongate.

Angus Hyland designed the first edition of the book which had an initial run of only 2,000 copies. The design featured a semi-transparent flesh-textured jacket over a black and white image.

New Work: Cass Art Website

Cass Art website 1

In a collaboration between Pentagram, Cass Art and Blubolt, Angus Hyland and his team designed Cass Art’s new e-commerce platform.

Cass Art was keen to develop an online retail platform to increase reach, visibility and sales. The main aim was to create a website that not only sold products but also demonstrated Cass Art’s specialty knowledge in the artist supplier arena. A key part of the brief was make sure that the Cass Art experience customers received in-store was translated to an online platform and that this retained all brand elements previously developed by Hyland and fellow Pentagram partner, William Russell.