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AGI Congress Special Project

For this year the AGI Congress‘ special project focused on the quintessentially British past time of drinking tea, an appropriate brief given the theme of the Congress was dialogue. Much like the annual meeting of the AGI Congress, drinking tea is eagerly anticipated, a communal gathering for friends to share ideas and inspirations.

The V&A Goes Circular

08_V&A 040

Designing the award-winning Circular magazine has been Domenic Lippa’s ‘labour of love’ since 1999, combining his interests in typography and editorial design. Each issue is designed from scratch and is totally unique.

Circular magazine is a publication of the Typographic Circle, a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. It was formed in 1976 to bring together anyone with an interest in type and typography and has since attracted some of the most highly acclaimed names in graphic design including Vince Frost, Stefan Sagmeister, Alan Fletcher, North, Tom Hingston and Spin.

New Work: London Design Festival 2013

London Design Festival invitations

For the seventh year running, Domenic Lippa and his team have designed the visual identity and promotional materials for London Design Festival, one of the biggest events in the design world. Running from 14th-22nd September across London with the V&A as its hub, the Festival will feature exhibitions, talks and workshops about design.

Lippa executed this year’s theme, ‘Design is Everywhere,’ by using the words ‘Here’ ‘There’ and ‘Everywhere’ as a central focus of the design. As with his other London Design Festival identities, red and white were the only colours used.

New Work: FS Emeric Poster

As part of the launch of Fontsmith’s new sans serif font, FS Emeric, design studios around the world were invited make a poster. The brief was to use a single weight of the typeface to create a poster that would embody the three words that best represent its character—optimistic, adventurous and ambitious.

Pentagram partner Domenic Lippa took on the brief, creating a poster which shows the full stop, or period, of FS Emeric Core at 11,750 pt. Lippa says, “We didn’t want to over-design it so we took the most simplistic, smallest element of the typeface, the full stop, and enlarged it so it became a graphic shape in itself. The idea of the poster was also a statement: FS Emeric, full stop.”

New Work: Tantrum

Tantrum, a new retail concept aimed at teenage girls, has launched its flagship store at Westfield Stratford in London. Pentagram partners William Russell and Domenic Lippa collaborated to develop the interior store design, brand identity and graphic language.

The logotype, designed by Lippa was based around Din rounded, with some characters re-drawn to give the identity personality. In addition, Lippa and his team decided that the identity could be moved, overlapped, made into outlines and played with to keep it fresh.