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29 Posters For The Planet

How do you get people to live more sustainably? You inspire them. That’s the principle at the heart of Do The Green Thing, the environmental charity co-founded by Pentagram’s Naresh Ramchandani.

This month Do The Green Thing is partnering with WWF to release 29 Posters For The Planet, 29 pieces of inspiring creativity published daily in the run up to Earth Hour on March 29th. Contributors to the 29 Posters include Pentagram partners Paula Scher, Harry Pearce, Abbott Miller and Natasha Jen.

Paula Scher, in her poster above, sees a satanic side to our over-plugged lives, so she has created a devilish image and message, adopting the idiom of a 1940s civil action poster to inspire us to use less energy.

From The Heart – At The Heart

CEFC_for blog_v4-02

If you think Crouch End is just a small suburb of North London, think again. It is actually the home of the Crouch End Festival Chorus, one of Britain’s major symphonic choirs, regular voices on Doctor Who soundtracks, frequent performers at the Royal Albert Hall and collaborators with the likes of Ray Davies, Noel Gallagher and the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Although its roots are in North London, the Crouch End Festival Chorus was looking for a visual identity that expressed a European outlook and a global reputation.

Harry Pearce and his team have created a visual identity with descriptive typography building out from the logotype, representing the swell of music. The typography changes colour to guide the eye and to allude to textural changes in music.

New Work: Royal Academy’s Keepers House

Nestled in the corner of the Royal Academy’s Annenberg Courtyard is the Keeper’s House, a 19th Century house full of historic and artistic grandeur. Having once served as the residence for the Royal Academy’s Keeper, the building has been sensitively restored to retain many of its original details, from vaulted wine cellars to old ceiling beams and hearths dating back to the 1660s. Hospitality is at the heart of this secretive Mayfair townhouse, which features a new restaurant, bar, lounge and secret garden.

Evict Them In 5 Easy Steps

You can deny words, but you can’t deny film. That is the the belief which lies at the very core of WITNESS, the nonprofit human rights organisation that Harry Pearce has designed for and advised for the last 20 years.

For a new major campaign, WITNESS has joined forces with Amnesty International to highlight and prevent the ever-growing problem of forced eviction: the millions of people who are being illegally forced from their homes by corporations and governments around the world.

AGI Congress Special Project

For this year the AGI Congress‘ special project focused on the quintessentially British past time of drinking tea, an appropriate brief given the theme of the Congress was dialogue. Much like the annual meeting of the AGI Congress, drinking tea is eagerly anticipated, a communal gathering for friends to share ideas and inspirations.