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New Work: Index Ventures


For almost twenty years, Index Ventures has been helping to shape how we see and interact with the world. As Europe’s leading venture capital firm, they have collaborated with iconic digital companies like asos, Dropbox, Skype and Soundcloud.

To reflect their unique approach to investment, Pentagram’s John Rushworth and Eddie Opera have created a new identity and website for the firm.

Pentagram Designs Posters for InsideOut SF


The charm and beauty of San Francisco have inspired countless artists and designers and earned it acclaim as the best and happiest city in America, not to mention the most romantic. (We know we love it.) To celebrate the city, AIGA San Francisco has curated InsideOut SF, an exhibition and silent auction of original poster designs that highlight personal impressions of the city. The show features new posters by Bay Area-based designers, photographers and illustrators (the “Inside” perspective), as well as some of the most influential creatives from around the world (the “Out”). Pentagram’s Natasha Jen, Eddie Opara, John Rushworth, Paula Scher and Marina Willer have all contributed designs for the event. (Check out the full list of contributors here.) Proceeds from the sale will benefit the San Francisco chapter of AIGA, with funds going towards scholarships, educational programming and community events, such as SF Design Week.

The posters will be exhibited and auctioned at the AIGA SF Fall Gala on Tuesday, November 12 at Terra Gallery, 511 Harrison Street in San Francisco. Get your tickets here.

New Work: ‘Darling, I Got You a Paperclip’

With the world economy in tailspin, splashing out on expensive gifts for your loved one might be a bad move these holidays.

But fear not, because the Pentagram annual holiday card is here to help. Darling I got you a paperclip features a set of twelve gift tags that show how with a little creative thinking, even the cheapest present can show the richness of your love.

The presents featured include dental floss, a tennis ball, some batteries, a box of matches, a pack of sweeteners, and, of course, a paperclip.

New Work: World Chess

At the end of last year, entrepreneur Andrew Paulson acquired the rights to the World Chess Championship. He asked Pentagram to re-enoble chess by branding the pinnacle of chess; giving the World Chess Championship an identity, campaign and experience that could restore its reputation as a contest between the world’s greatest minds and capture the interest of a new generation.

Partners John Rushworth, Daniel Weil and Naresh Ramchandani first created a system of names. They named Paulson’s organisation World Chess, reflecting the World Chess Championship and chess as a world game. This led to a system of names for each competition: World Chess Championship, World Chess Blitz Championship, World Chess Junior Championship, and so on.

With the names in place, they chose to bring World Chess alive through the qualities of intelligence and intensity; the exceptional intelligence needed to process every possibility and permutation that can play out across the sixty four squares, and the heightened intensity of winning or losing a contest against a mind that proves itself to be superior or inferior to your own.

New Work: Coutts Interiors


Whilst John Rushworth was working on a graphic identity for Coutts, the 300 year old bank approached William Russell to design a suite of three meeting rooms for the Private Office division of the bank in the Strand. The Private Office, which offers financial advice to ultra high net worth clients, had proved a successful part of the business and Coutts wanted to move this division into a more prominent location within its Headquarters building in the Strand.

New Work: Drake’s


William Russell and John Rushworth and their teams have collaborated on the branding and store design for Drake’s gentlemen’s outfitters. The store at No. 3 Clifford Street is the first ever Drake’s shop and opened in May this year.


The challenge for this established manufacturer who had previously sold their wares online and wholesale was to create a brand presence in an area containing already well renowned and long established brands.

New Work: Fashion Fringe 2010


Fashion Fringe is an annual competition for young British designers timed to coincide with London Fashion Week. The concept of Fashion Fringe was created in 2003 by Colin McDowell MBE in partnership with IMG Fashion. Since 2006 John Rushworth and his team at Pentagram have been working with Fashion Fringe—initially creating the identity and in subsequent years creating all of the graphics for the competition.