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New Work: ‘Terra Nova’

01_NY_EO_Terra Nova_006

The US spends roughly $1 billion a day overseas on foreign oil instead of investing the funds at home, where the economy badly needs it. At the same time, our dependence on oil from unstable countries endangers national security, and carbon dioxide emissions from burning oil contribute to climate change. In Terra Nova: The New World After Oil, Cars, and Suburbs, the scientist Eric W. Sanderson looks at how three powerful forces that drove American prosperity for the better part of a century are now detrimentally affecting the country’s quality of life. The book is a sequel of sorts to Mannahatta, Sanderson’s reimagining of what the island of Manhattan was like before the first settlers arrived. In Terra Nova, he looks ahead, and with a larger scope, envisioning what the US would be like if our dependence on oil, automobiles and urban sprawl were to end, and a new ecology was formed that valued the land, encouraged well-designed cities, and depended on America’s natural advantages in resources like wind, sun and heat, as well as ingenuity.

Pentagram’s Eddie Opara and team have created a design for Terra Nova that helps the book make its case through a clear, cogent layout and a series of 72 highly detailed diagrams. Sanderson’s writing is smart, creative and lively, and Opara has developed a corollary in engaging, user-friendly information graphics that complement the highly readable text. More than supplemental illustrations, the data visualizations are a key element of the book, helping Sanderson construct his arguments and communicate his vision.

New Work: Serpentine

Last weekend saw the launch of The Serpentine Galleries with a new brand identity created by Marina Willer in collaboration with Brian Boylan. The Serpentine Galleries now include the new Serpentine Sackler Gallery, designed by Zaha Hadid, which opened on Saturday.

Brian Boylan developed the strategy to create a united brand for The Galleries, positioning Serpentine as an open landscape for arts and culture. The Galleries invite artists and audiences to explore, opening the idea of art and the many experiences it promotes.

New Work: ‘The Queen Latifah Show’

Opening title sequence for “The Queen Latifah Show.”

This fall the actress, musician and all-around entertainer Queen Latifah has launched her own talk show, “The Queen Latifah Show,” which recently premiered to strong ratings and good reviews. Pentagram’s Emily Oberman and team have created the identity, opening titles, bumpers and other graphics for the program.

The opening titles of a show set its tone and are especially important for a new series, which quickly needs to give its prospective audience an idea of what to expect. For “The Queen Latifah Show,” Oberman has designed a sequence that instantly conveys Latifah’s friendly, ebullient persona against the sunny backdrop of Los Angeles, where the show is taped.

New Work: Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden


Pentagram has just completed a comprehensive rebranding of the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. The new look was unveiled to the public in time for the grand opening of the Arboretum’s new Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden last weekend. Partner DJ Stout, Associate Julie Savasky and designer Carla Delgado in Pentagram’s Austin office teamed up on the project, which includes a new identity, revamped print collateral and a completely overhauled website. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, a sprawling 66-acre natural wonderland on the shores of White Rock Lake, is a much beloved Dallas institution and a hub of activity for the city.

New Work: Milly


As the design sensibility of a fashion designer evolves over time, the brand they established at the start of their career may no longer reflect their work. This was the challenge faced by the designer Michelle Smith, whose logo for the 2001 launch of her label Milly bore little relation to the clothes she was designing today. To create a new identity that would better reflect her point of view, Smith enlisted the expertise of Natasha Jen and her team at Pentagram. Jen has designed a iconic identity for Milly that captures the label’s contemporary attitude and helps position it for future growth.

Smith’s designs juxtapose clean, classic silhouettes with bold colors, vibrant patterns and luxurious textures and fabrics. Milly has a devoted following of style icons like Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Beyoncé, and has expanded on several fronts in recent years. The line is carried in stores around the world and sold in stand-alone Milly boutiques in New York, East Hampton and Tokyo, as well as through a thriving online presence.

New Work: The Hockaday School Centennial Book

1 Hockaday Cover copy

The Hockaday School in Dallas was founded by Ela Hockaday in 1913 and has become one of the premier all-girl preparatory schools in the Southwest. Now an ambitious new book, The Hockaday School: An Anthology of Voices and Views 1913–2013, commemorating the institution’s 100-year anniversary, has been designed and produced by Pentagram Austin. The oversized coffee-table book, nearly 400 pages and heavier than most of the pre-K to 12th grade girls who attend the day and boarding school, was designed by Pentagram Associate Julie Savasky with Partner DJ Stout.

New Work: Formica 100th Anniversary Celebration


Formica® Laminate is one of the most ubiquitous materials in the world, found on millions of surfaces in homes, businesses, schools, restaurants, hotels and virtually every other kind of interior. (Chances are you are sitting at a desk, table or counter topped with it right now.) This year Formica celebrates its 100th anniversary with a special campaign designed by Pentagram’s Michael Bierut, Abbott Miller and Daniel Weil that pays homage to the remarkable brand and its century of innovation, design and cultural impact.

Earlier this year Formica introduced the new Anniversary Collection of laminates and Formica Forever, the definitive history of the brand, both designed by Abbott Miller. Now the celebration continues with a special anniversary clock created by Daniel Weil and a centennial identity and print campaign developed by Michael Bierut.

The V&A Goes Circular

08_V&A 040

Designing the award-winning Circular magazine has been Domenic Lippa’s ‘labour of love’ since 1999, combining his interests in typography and editorial design. Each issue is designed from scratch and is totally unique.

Circular magazine is a publication of the Typographic Circle, a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. It was formed in 1976 to bring together anyone with an interest in type and typography and has since attracted some of the most highly acclaimed names in graphic design including Vince Frost, Stefan Sagmeister, Alan Fletcher, North, Tom Hingston and Spin.

New Work: The DD Collection and Neon Foundation

DD Neon visuals

Dimitris Daskalopoulos is a patron of the Tate, a Trustee of the Guggenheim and has been collecting art for over 20 years, amassing an impressive collection of more than 400 works by over 200 artists.

Marina Willer was asked to name and create identities for both Daskalopoulos’ art collection as well as his newly launched Foundation, a non-profit platform that aims to promote and encourage the education in the arts in Greece.

New Work: London Design Festival 2013

London Design Festival invitations

For the seventh year running, Domenic Lippa and his team have designed the visual identity and promotional materials for London Design Festival, one of the biggest events in the design world. Running from 14th-22nd September across London with the V&A as its hub, the Festival will feature exhibitions, talks and workshops about design.

Lippa executed this year’s theme, ‘Design is Everywhere,’ by using the words ‘Here’ ‘There’ and ‘Everywhere’ as a central focus of the design. As with his other London Design Festival identities, red and white were the only colours used.