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New Work: The Little Book of Typographic Ornament


Typographic ornaments are the jewellery of the printed world, providing flourishes over and above what is needed. Ranging from rules to borders to printers’ flowers, they are visual garnishes which do not aid the function of a printed object. Rather, they provide a stylistic treat for the eyes that run alongside a narrative.

The Little Book of Typographic Ornament is a celebration of these graphic decorations, conceived by Angus Hyland and including examples from 1700 up until present day.

New Work: ‘The Book of the Dog’


“Nothing but love has made the dog lose his wild freedom to become the servant of man,” D.H. Laurence.

Society is obsessed with dogs, we love them in our homes, on YouTube and in art. The Book of The Dog by Angus Hyland and Kendra Wilson is a book for the doggy inclined, showcasing canine art and illustrations from around the world. The book features all kinds of canines from mastiffs to retrievers to pugs, by all kinds of artists from Goya to Freud to Hockney.

New Work: ‘Alan Kitching’s A-Z of Letterpress’


Graphic designer, typographer, letterpress printmaker and teacher, Alan Kitching is internationally renowned for his expressive use of letterpress type processes. His latest book, Alan Kitching’s A-Z of Letterpress, showcases the extensive wood-letter fount collection of The Typography Workshop.

The book is a collaboration between Kitching and Angus Hyland. In 2014, Hyland approached Kitching with the proposal of hand-setting letterpress alphabets to celebrate the Typographic Workshop’s 25th Anniversary. Together they devised a page layout and Kitching set the entire book, which is printed on letterpress and then reproduced at the same size.

New Work: ‘The Purple Book’

New this summer, published by Laurence King is the Purple Book, featuring five classic pieces of literary text and illustrations from 21 contemporary artists. Edited by Angus Hyland and Angharad Lewis, the book explores sensuality, fantasy and a dream-like state. This is Hyland’s sixth book published by Laurence King, where he is consultant Creative Director.

New Work: British Fashion Designers

Angus Hyland and his team have designed the book cover for a new mini edition of British Fashion Designers, a book that looks at the UK’s creative influence on the international fashion industry. Hyland has been the consultant Creative Director for Laurence King Publishing for the past eight years, where he manages a large portfolio of book design, and in this instance he has designed the cover himself.

Published this month, the book is an informative and inspirational resource, focusing on British designers who have made their mark in the industry since 2000. The cover features an illustration of Kate Moss by Cedric Rivrain with gold foil typography and pastel edging, which echoes the interior book design by byBOTH.

New Work: 100 Ideas


Laurence King have launched a major new series, “100 Ideas that Changed…,” showing that ideas that shaped the history of the visual arts still play a key role in them now. With covers designed by Pentagram’s Angus Hyland, the first two in the series on Architecture and Fashion will be followed later this year by books on Film, Graphic Design, Art and Photography. The series will give the reader immediate, yet deep insights into the nature of each art.

New Work: Laurence King Autumn 2011 Catalogue


Laurence King Publishing has celebrated its 20th anniversary with the release of its Autumn 2011 trade catalogue. The catalogue also marks Angus Hyland’s sixth anniversary as the company’s creative director.

In his introduction Laurence King writes, “Design has always been at the centre of our list.” He goes on to announce the launch of the “100 Ideas that Changed…” series, designed by Hyland and his team. The series shows that the ideas that shaped the history of the visual arts still play a key role now.