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Harry Pearce’s Photographs Become Limited Edition Prints

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Harry Pearce has donated 10 personal photographs from the streets of Naples to the ‘Made in Cloister’ project, for which he designed the identity in 2013.

The images were shot during Pearce’s research for ‘Made in Cloister’ and these photographs have been printed with the aquatint etching technique by Vittorio Avella’s artisan printing house. 10 signed images of each print, 750cm by 530cm in size are being exhibited within the ruins of Naples’ oldest cloister, Santa Caterina from the sixteenth century, close to the Aragonese Walls and Porta Capuana, and are being sold to support the project.

Preview: Made In Cloister

In 1995, Naples became a UNESCO world heritage site for its cultural significance. Within the city are regions rich in history that show its Ancient Greek origins through architecture, monuments and traditions expressed through craft and art.

In the historic centre of the city, dating back to the 16th Century, are the cloisters of the Church of Santa Caterina. Once a beautiful district, it has been neglected for many years and has become a rough area of the city. David de Blasio, Rosa Alba Impronta and a group of friends saw the area and decided to take it on as a restoration project which they named Made In Cloister, injecting life back in to the cloister through art, craft, culture and creativity.