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MUSE Opens Its Doors


This week saw the grand opening of MUSE, the Museum of Science in Trento, North Italy. The opening was marked by a 24 hour party attended by 20,000 people.

The building took nearly a decade to complete and was designed by Renzo Piano. It houses six floors of incredible natural history including the Alpine region’s largest dinosaur exhibition and re-creations of the world’s biomes.

New Work: MUSE – Universal, Global, Local

Nestled in the foothills of the Dolomites, the small town of Trento, Italy, is home to MUSE, the new museum of science designed by Renzo Piano. Exhibiting archaeology, geology, geography and cosmology, MUSE is a living museum.

Pearce was inspired by a diagram in the book ‘The Keepers of Genesis’ that showed the relationship of the Giza plateau pyramids to the stars. From that diagram, Pearce saw the potential to create a logotype for MUSE that related it at once to the mountains that create the Trento valley in which it sits and to its place on earth in Northern Italy. The logotype was therefore able to represent the universal, global and local.